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Spirit of the Rivers Memorial

We made it!
$ 500
donation thermometer
donation thermometer
$ 531.96
donation thermometer
Thank you to everyone who donated!

In Memoriam

It's always so sad to lose one of our classmates...we all shared such wonderful times. If you are aware of someone else who has passed, or can provide a link to a missing obituary please let us know.

May our friends live forever in our memories.


David Ammerman - 2020

Karen Antonie Schuler

Mark Backman

Greg Bretl -  2010

Lee Bruechert - 2019

Duane Chase - 2023

Brenda Daetz Webster - 2005

Pamela Deja Hanes

Roland Dax - 2011

Barbara Dickson Schultz - 2012

Steve Dietsch - 2016

Susan Eckstein - 2017

Barb Engelbrecht Ristow - 2019

Jane Engeldinger

Renee Feurstein Wampole - 2000

Natalie Gauthier - June 2017

Susan Glaser Gray - 2018

Daniel Hassmer - 2022

Scott Hildebrand - 2015

Jerry Hoffman - 2022

Ondrea Kahlenberg - 2017

Deborah Kanugh Altergott

Linda Kalbunde Kruck - May 2023


Michael Kowalski

Don Krizek - 2013

Diane Kuether

Jeanne LaForce 2024

Mark Leonhard - 2022

Brian Lesperance - 2008

Kriss S. Litel - 2012

Margaret Matthiessen Dewey - 2023

Lori Peronto Buda - 2023

Wayne Petrashek - 2021

Darla Malkowski Polifka

Clarence Plansky - 2016

Terrence J. Schmitt

David Sonkowsky - 2014

Mary Taddy Kroeger - 2018

Peter Tegen - 2018

Steven Tess - 2006

Richard Webster

Evelyn Wells-Lyons



David W. Hough

Delores Rose Rogers

Warren Otto




For more information about the Class of 1974
Spirit of the Rivers Memorial please click here.

Please keep in touch!

We would really like to keep in touch with you as we plan these events. Let us know if you have moved in the past five years, have a new email address or phone number. Please send us your most current contact info by using our contact page. Due to too much spam we ask that you contact us from the Facebook page if you are a member.