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Spirit of the Rivers Memorial

We made it!
$ 500
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Thank you to everyone who donated!

Thank you to all who donated!

The Monument

The bronze sculpture will consist of a birch bark canoe and three human figures: a man portaging a birch bark canoe from Lake Michigan; a woman, carrying their belongings; an elder showing the way, literally and figuratively. Each figure will be approximately ten-feet high, with the canoe reaching 20 feet in length. The birch bark canoe itself will be at the center of focus as it is held aloft upon the shoulders of the portageur. Its significance to the monument reflects its significance to the American Indians who crafted this beautiful light-weight vessel and used it to travel the waterways of the upper Great Lakes.

The Site

The proposed site for the Spirit of the Rivers is along Mariners Trail, on the lakefront at the boundary between Manitowoc and Two Rivers.  The location offers a spectacular Lake Michigan backdrop, with enough open space for proper viewing both on-site and from Memorial Drive.  Parking, picnic area, and restrooms are conveniently available at the nearby Woodland Drive wayside, just south of the sculpture.  Forget-Me-Not-Creek, located at the sculpture site, would be a fitting name for the monument’s park.

Dedication Day

Sunday, September 16 at 2:00
4815 Memorial Drive
Two Rivers, WI

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Spirit of the Rivers please click here.

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